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Add life to your soil with ACF-SR

5 beneficial bacteria species to rapidly enhance your soil and plant health
Our Five Species
| ACF-SR |

1. Rhodopseudomonas palustris | Enhances soil bioactivity & nitrogen fixation


"I have been doing agronomy and crop scouting for many years now. Throughout that time I have had the opportunity to deal with many different manufacturers. It is seldom that I come across a company like Advanced Ag. They are committed to what they claim, with research. We are in the beginning stages of a long term relationship with ICI so that it is a 3 way success with Advanced Ag, ICI and the farmer. Their goal is to improve our environment, our soil, and at the same time show an economical advantage to the farmer. I endorse Advanced Ag 100%.

Hal Reed
Independent Crop Inputs

Taber, AB

Large Scale


Many biological products have a culture count of only 5 million cfu/mL, with a limited variety of bacteria species, making large-scale applications impractical. 

Brewing produces a beneficial blend of bacteria at super high concentrations, lowering input costs, while drastically improving crop and soil health.

Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensures a gold standard of quality control, allowing our 5 bacteria species to reproduce rapidly before applying.

We have a number of Certified Brew Locations set up across Canada. More and more locations are being set up every year. See our Dealers tab below for more information.


ACF-SR  is great for lawn restoration and health. Issues such as dog spots, drought, and yellowing can easily be solved with different application rates of ACF-SR.

Many greenhouses, hydroponic, cannabis, garden and orchard operations have also benefitted from our concentrated, ready-to-use ACF-SR.


Small Scale 

ACF-SR Lawn & Garden (1gal)


ACF-SR Lawn & Garden (2.5gal)



Research is one of the most important values for AdvancedAG. We understand biological products are going to play a major role in agriculture for years to come. 


By working with third-party consulting and research facilities, government agencies and industry professionals, we can build on our proprietary edge as a leader in biotechnology.

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AdvancedAg Inc. is a family owned, award winning, Canadian company with over 20 years of leading edge research on culturing specific bacteria species for a range of applications.

Our proprietary edge allows us to selectively grow, stabilize and blend individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products to promote soil and crop health.

AdvancedAg Inc. has a mission to develop a team of innovative, inspired thinkers, creating a sustainable shift in the agriculture industry. 

Agriculture is the mainstay of our Canadian economy. We believe promoting sustainable farming through natural processes is crucial to the longevity of the industry.

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