• Advanced Ag Tech

Bell Pepper


  • Species: Pepper seedlings: Red, Yellow and Green

  • Area: 3 Trays of 200 cavities

  • Greenhouse Crop

  • Application by manual irrigation used to inoculate the seedling trays

  • First treatment on day one, second on 14 day when the seedling had germinated


  • –34% Yield increase

  • Increased number of germinated seeds per tray

  • –Better seedling development, seen in colour, stronger structure and roots

  • –Seedlings developed one week earlier than control, so that they could be transplanted earlier

  • ACF-SR crops were harvested ahead of the Control

  • The 1st cut was 4 days sooner

  • The 2nd cut, the following week, resulted in record performance

  • 4 boxes of cucumber in the Control Area versus 9 boxes in the ACF-SR Area

  • In addition, ACF-SR cucumbers were of higher quality with a brighter green shade