• Advanced Ag Tech



  • Assess the effectiveness of the ACF-SR with seedlings

  • Seedlings will be analyzed for root growth, general size and health

  • Also be analyzed for time of seedling development

  • Seedling crop cycle: 70 to 90 days

  • Type of cultivation: Seedling grafting Orange

  • Treatment Area: Trays of 112 cavities

  • Greenhouse cultivation opencast

  • Dosage: 5 different dosages of ACF-SR were used

  • Type of Irrigation: Spray Gun from hose

  • Weekly and biweekly applications


  • –The Agronomist in charge of trial was skeptical and did not expect any great change in seedling development

  • –Once the seedlings roots were examined, he was actually very impressed by the results

  • Greater root development, more intense green colour in leaves and larger seedlings were observed with ACF-SR.