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The potato production in Guatemala is at about 15 000 Ha and still growing. Much of this production is bought by Frito Lay. They have contracts with many farmers and communities. Most of the potato farmers are uneducated and are still planting potatoes like they have always done. They practically do not add anything other than layer litter and fertilizer.

A meeting was organized with the leaders of 6 different communities that plant potatoes. The trial was performed in the 6 different communities in an area denominated “cuerda,” which is about 425m2.

The main objective for this trial was to increase potato yield production.


  • The farmers did not have irrigation systems, so the product was applied using a backpack fumigating pump

  • The total amount applied was 4 gallons per Ha at a rate of 1 gallon every 20 days

  • The first application was performed on the day the potatoes were planted

Yield Production

  • The potatoes were harvested within 3.5 to 4 months

  • Only two of the 6 repetitions were harvested, and in both areas the same result was obtained

  • The control had a yield of 2 200 lbs per cuerda, the normal amount of potato production

  • The ACF-SR treated area had a yield of 4 500 lbs per cuerda

  • Farmers and community members were astonished to see such a dramatic increase in production


In the treated area, the potato production increased yield by 104% from 2 200 lbs to 4 500 lbs. Overall, the plants were much healthier than the Control. The treated area was also able to save half the dosage of fertilizer and layer litter.