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This farm has a drip irrigation system. They use this system to add fertilizers and other chemicals. They use a 200 L plastic container to add all of the products they use, so we took advantage of this and applied ACF-SR in the irrigation system. The irrigation system was designed so that the minimum it can work with is 5 Ha, so this was the area of the trial we used to apply ACF-SR.

Dosage was 2 gallons of ACF-SR per Hectare. Application was performed when the tomato plant were first transplanted to the field.


After only 35 days the control group was already damaged, while the group that was applied with ACF-SR was completely healthy.

The root with ACF-SR has more volume and size than the control.

We still need to wait and see how this will effect the tomato yield production. We are convinced that with a healthier, stronger and nematode free root will have a direct effect with yield production.