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Alberta Birds of Prey Natural Wetlands


"Active since 1982 and more recently a registered charity, the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation is Alberta's first privately licensed raptor rescue and conservation organization. We are located two hours south of Calgary in the heart of Canada's wild prairies."

"Our environmental contributions extend far beyond the province of Alberta. Offspring from our Burrowing Owl breeding program have been released in all four western provinces. Injured birds needing long-term care have arrived from locations ranging from Ontario to British Columbia, and even Canada's Artic."

"As a non-political organization, we are not environmental critics or watch-dogs. Our strategy is to roll up our sleeves and initiate hands-on practical solutions which directly benefit wildlife and our environment."

"We do not receive any government operating subsidies. We rely solely on donations in addition to people generously donating their time."

"We do not pay administrative wages, nor do we hire professional fund-raisers. One hundred percent of all donations received is spent on programs and projects that directly benefit the wildlife and habitat we strive to conserve."

"Our Environmental Mission is to conserve nature by:

- Rehabilitating and releasing injured birds of prey back to the wild

- Captive breeding and release of endangered species

- Studying and monitoring wild birds of prey populations

- Encouraging positive habitat stewardship through increased public environmental awareness"

AWT has been treating the wetland which is many birds rely on as source of protection, food and breeding grounds. Prior to AWT treating the wetland, heavy nutrient loading caused the wetland to experience severe algae blooms and sludge accumulation.

AWT’s natural blend of sludge digesting/nitrifying bacteria are not only completely harmless to the fish and wildlife using the aquatic ecosystem, but very beneficial to the overall health and sustainability of the wetland.

Source: www.burrowingowl.com