• Advanced Ag Tech

Pinus radiata

New Seedling Trial

New trays were used for this trial, it must be noted that the new trays have 128 seedlings

per tray and not 96 as with the initial trials.

This trial was based on control, 0.5ml/tree and 1ml/tree to be applied monthly.

4 Bags of compost were used to fill the trays, the bark compost was treated as follows:

7x Control Trays Filled with untreated medium

7x Treated Trays Filled with treated medium. 0.5ml/tree

7x` Treated Trays Filled with treated medium 1ml/tree

Treatment dosage:

14 x 128 = 1792 Seedlings x 1ml = 1795ml ACF-SR (mixed into medium and filled into trays)

control received untreated medium

The 14 trays have been marked with the date, 0.5ml/tree and 1ml/tree for identification

and future monthly treatment at 0.5ml and 1ml, 4 week treatment intervals. 100ml of

bacteria was not mixed into the medium, this was sprayed onto the surface of the trays

once these were filled. Trays were subsequently planted with seed.

ACF-SR was applied to the bark compost before planting, this was followed with ACF-32

foliage spray 2 weeks later.

A third application of ACF-SR has been applied on the 11 th July, this was applied between the

foliage at the stems and onto the soil by means of backpack spray (5l water + bacteria per 7


Further applications will take place every 4 weeks (should be considered at 4 week intervals

rather than 2 weeks – price sensitivity)


 This trial is showing a lot of promise, there are distinct differences between the

control and both treated options

 The 1ml/tree application is showing a seed germination success rate of 95 – 98%

whilst the 0.5ml treatment is around 85% and the control at 75%

 There is a vast difference in seedling sizes, volume, colour and general appearance

 This trial has proven that the ozonated water did adversely affect the first trials.


Fertilizer was added on the 26 th October and the saplings were dosed again with bacteria on

the 14 th November.

This will be the final dose – Mortality will be measured until planting out size, roots weighed

and stems measured.


The trials are doing very well considering they received no fertilizer.