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Natural Dugout, Pond & Lake Treatment that works!

sustainable, affordable results.
Our Six Microbes
Aerobic, Anaerobic & Facultative Species

Small Scale


For backyard ponds, dugouts and small lakes, ComboPacks are used as a simple, concentrated, monthly treatment to naturally combat algae, aquatic weeds, odour and sludge build up.

Each ComboPack consists of a 1 gallon jug of PondPerfect and a slow-release EcoSock for sustainable results throughout each month.

ComboPack | 1 Kit



Large Scale

For large lakes, extremely problematic ponds and wastewater, a patented brewing process is used to enhance the concentration and growth rate of nitrifying and sludge-digesting bacteria.

This brewing process is extremely simple, only takes 3-10 days (depending on the desired results) and can be done on-site.



Unbrewed Product

5 million cfu/mL

Brewed 72 hours

10 Billion cfu/mL

" I did one ComboPack treatment towards the end of the summer in 2017 and within two weeks, the smell was completely gone and within a month and a half, I noticed the algae had gone down, and our sprinkler system was running more efficiently and had a ton of pressure.


This is the first time that our pond didnt stink.

We will be continuing to use the great product at AWT and highly recommend anyone to try this if you are having similar issues with your pond or lake. "

Steve Rempel
Green Prairie International
Lethbridge, AB

Town of Nanton

City of Calgary 

Applying ComboPacks

Natural Bacteria


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